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Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore

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Cynthia Jackson-Elmoore, Professor and Dean of the Honors College, began her career at Michigan State University (MSU) in 1994. She has faculty appointments in Social Work and Political Science and also maintains an affiliation with the Global Urban Studies Program at MSU. Dr. Jackson-Elmoore previously served as Acting Assistant Dean of the Urban Affairs Programs, Director of the Urban Studies Graduate Program in the College of Social Science, and Co-Director of the Program in Urban Politics and Policy at Michigan State University. In 2008-2009 she was a fellow in the Executive Leadership Academy Program and in 2003-2004, she was a fellow in the Academic Leadership Program sponsored by the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC); and received a Lilly Endowed Teaching Fellowship in 1999 focused on innovation, scholarship and expertise in teaching.
Dr. Jackson-Elmoore has taught courses in urban politics, public policy processes and analysis, evaluation and social welfare policy and services. Her research interests include nonprofits and urban politics, healthy communities, and state and local policy. She is currently working on projects related to state legislative processes, Brownfield redevelopment, and the role of faith-based organizations in urban politics and service delivery. Dr. Jackson-Elmoore’s work has been published in Urban Affairs Review, Cities, Policy Studies, Review of Policy Research, Policy Studies Review, Public Productivity and Management Review, Korean Review of Public Administration, American Journal of Health Education, Social Work, ICMA IQ Reports, and National Civic Review; and she co-edited Nonprofits in Urban America (Quorum Books) with Richard C. Hula.
She received her Ph.D. and Masters in Public Administration (public policy emphasis) from the University of Southern California and her Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware.

Series Author

Reclaiming Brownfields: A Comparative Analysis of Adaptive Reuse of Contaminated Properties

Available Books

Reclaiming Brownfields Reinventing Civil Society


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